Maggie Tonkin on Why B2B Direct Mail Works and Why She Chose to become an Outgage Advisor

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce Outgage’s Marketing Advisor — Maggie Tonkin. Maggie is a Senior Marketing Manager at Previously Maggie was the Senior Manager of Wrike’s Integrate Campaigns, and before that she was the Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Zendesk. She is a results-oriented marketing expert with over a decade of marketing experience in developing innovative marketing strategies and programs for technology companies. At Outgage, we’ve had the privilege of working with Maggie over the years and have seen her proven ability to create and manage lead generation programs, nurture new opportunities, increase revenue, and exceed sales targets. Maggie is the epitome of a data-driven, creative marketer and optimizes direct mail campaigns in the same way we at Outgage would like every marketer to be able to. Maggie Tonkin’s addition to our force helps us even further improve and enhance our by-marketer-for-marketers B2B data-centric Direct Mail platform, with a real hands-on expert who has “been there, done that” and continuously strives to optimize and scale through innovative marketing solutions.

Q&A with Maggie

How and why did you start using Direct Mail?

I started using direct mail to try to break through the clutter in a unique way by creating my own packages and shipping them off to clients for “wacky holidays”. After seeing the response I started to create a more formal direct mail strategy.

What’s your take on how direct mail has evolved over the years?

Early in my career direct mail was a postcard. Maybe you would get a really cool die-cut postcard with a sample, but a postcard nonetheless. Direct mail was seen as a very expensive, low conversion tactic. Now direct mail has evolved to what I call “lumpy mail”. Lumpy mail continues to become more and more creative driving higher engagement rates. When I am putting together an Integrated Campaign or ABM program, direct mail is always included as a high touch tactic.

How did you come across Outgage?

I was introduced to Outgage by other colleagues who were using them for custom direct mail programs.

We know why we asked you to be an advisor for Outgage, what led you to accept?

I love direct mail. Like “geek out” about it so I jumped when given the opportunity to be an advisor, for an organization that takes direct mail to the next level.

Any tips for Marketers looking to utilize Direct Mail in their strategy as a whole/ specifically during these times?

My biggest tip would be to include direct mail whenever you can. And include it as a high-touch tactic to get engagement. Don’t just think of it as the bottom of the funnel but use it in prospecting as well. Right now, direct mail is a bit tricky because of remote work but you can always offer an alternative eGift if someone is not comfortable sharing their home address.

When choosing a direct mail partner it was really important for me to find a partner vs. a vendor. With Outgage, I would give them my goals and they would partner with me to build the most successful direct mail workflow and creative concept. Also, the Outgage platform was built for marketers so their platform made it extremely easy for me to launch and measure creative campaigns at scale.




Outgage is a Direct Mail and gifting platform that bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns 💌

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Outgage is a Direct Mail and gifting platform that bridges the gap between offline and online campaigns 💌

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